Our wealth of experience and excellently trained and motivated employees enable us to produce exceptionally good leather. We would be delighted to develop leather with you which is tailor made to your requirements.

There are almost endless possibilities. We have a broad variety of embossing plates (bison, snake, and crocodile – all surprisingly real) and film technology.

We give our leather a thorough testing in our own laboratory.

Our leather “made in Germany“ is an exclusive raw material for our international customers.

Richard Hoffmans is specialised in the processing of cowhide upper leathers. We are constantly further developing our products, optimising and improving processes and therefore the finished products. Richard Hoffmans stands for a broad range of products coupled with a high innovative strength achieved through continuous research and development.

Our aim is to develop high quality and contemporary modern leather for our customers.

raw material

The raw material is selected according to the strictest considerations. Our experienced employees only process the best European cowhides and calfskins. This is our guarantee of a consistently high quality Standard.


An innovative and high tech retanning process ensures that each item is given the character it needs to meet the demands of the end product.


The process of vacuum drying permits the gentle drying and smoothing of the leather.


The fine and natural finishing adjusts the precise colouring of the leather and protects the modern and contemporary demands of the finished product from both chemical and mechanical influences.